The Seven Key Ministries

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Here are the "seven key ministries" we identified within churches that were showing positive results in outreach and church growth. We examined these churches ourselves, or in some cases, obtained information about them from denominational and church leaders.
  1. Vision Ministry (Uniting with a Vision and Purpose)
  2. Prayer Ministry
  3. Greeting and Welcoming Ministry
  4. Care Group Ministry (Within Sunday School & Small Groups) 
  5. Outreach Ministry
  6. Communications Ministry (Member and Guest Communications)
  7. Worship Ministry (The Gospel of Christ preached, taught)
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These are the seven key ministries needed within the Church that we have identified as the key links to successful outreach and church growth. Every growing church has them in common and actively engaged. A church may have more than seven ministries in its organizational structure, but without these seven key ministries in place and linked together it is almost impossible for a church to be a Great Commission Church within its community. You may call a ministry we’ve identified by a different name, or not even realize it exist, but when any one of these seven key ministry links becomes weak or broken it will be impossible for the leaders and members to pull in the same direction needed for successful church growth. No matter the strength of any one of the rest, one weak or missing link breaks the chain of events required for church growth.
CAA Ministries has written a series of short instructional manuals to help you and your church with each one of the seven key ministries we’ve identified in growing churches. We are providing these manuals to you FREE. Just click the download links for viewing and saving all seven of these ministry manuals.
 FREE Downloads for all Seven of our Ministry’s  Instructional Manuals> ClickHereButton-1


 When we at CAA talk about church growth we are referencing growth in God’s church, Kingdom growth, by numbers in new salvations and baptisms. True church growth is not measured by the increasing size of a churches congregation or its membership. It is determined by the number of individual conversions by people accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. However, in most churches membership and congregational growth will be directly impacted.