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In keeping with Acts 1:8 we at CAA challenge every church to surrender to the Holy Spirit

 and be witness to your Jerusalem (Your hometown & neighborhoods),

 Judea (Your State), Samaria (The United States),

 and to the end of the earth  (The World).

Each geographical area is encouraged simultaneously and consistently because they are of equal value and equal importance to God.



Endorsements & Testimonials

Endorsement 1 of 9

Dr. Steve R. Parr

Vice President for Staff Coordination & Development

Georgia Baptist Convention

   You know that the lost are in need of a Savior. You know that your desire is to be effective in evangelism and outreach. You have the “Commission” and you possess God’s power. Check out to discover tools to help you to reach out, to share the Good News, and to make a connection.  Affordable, user friendly, and designed by others who share your heart for outreach. Kudos to C.A.A. Ministries for developing such practical resources., Steve

Dr. Parr previously served as VP of Evangelism, Sunday School & Open Group ministries for the Georgia Baptist Convention. He has also authored of two new best selling books on Sunday School,

"Sunday School That Really Works" & "Sunday School That Really Responds" (Book Details)

Endorsement 2 of 9

Dr. Frank Cox

Senior Pastor

North Metro First Baptist Church

Lawrenceville, GA

   Several years ago I was privileged to meet Mike Turner and be introduced to CAA Ministries. Mike has a real desire and heart for ministry within the local church. I encourage you, as you seek the best software packages for your church and future growth, to consider Mike Turner and the software he can provide through CAA Ministries., Frank

Endorsement 3 of 9

Rev. Doug Merck

Area Missionary

Mountain Area Missions Program

Georgia Baptist Convention

   I have known Mike Turner for over 25 years. Recently, I have reviewed CAA Ministries new program for churches. I believe this is a very valuable tool to help the church carry out its mission. I truly believe Mike will work with any size church to help implement this program, because his heart is to help churches be on mission for Christ., Doug

Endorsement 4 of 9

Dr. Billy Britt, Pastor

Pastor of Education

Church Growth and Institute Training

   As your Church grows and you begin looking at software programs to manage your resources I encourage you to look at the package offered by CAA Ministries. Mike has a heart for the ministry and the local church and his software programs reflects that., Billy

Endorsement 5 of 9

Rev. Bob Foy

National Coordinator for Church Renewal

North American Mission Board  & North Carolina State Convention

    I Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are and how great the Direct Communicator (CRJ Message Board Program) is  working for our National Church Renewal Journey Ministry. It has been an answer to our prayer and has allowed us to communicate with our Renewal Team Members across the country so easily. I don't see how we could have grown or survived without it. 

   The ability for team members to register and update their own personal profiles when their emails and/or phone numbers change is a time saving feature. Also, being able to search for the team members by first or last name or by emails or by grouping them by their home states has worked perfectly. 

   Keeping up with the scheduling of Renewal Weekends is now a simple task. Thanks for all you are doing and I pray that more ministries and churches will discover all the possibilities the program can help them accomplish.    Serving with joy, Bob

Endorsement 6 of 9

Dr. Larry Wynn

Vice President for Church Revitalization & Leadership

Georgia Baptist Convention

Former Vice President Evangelism, North American Mission Board, and

Served  33 years as  Senior Pastor, Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula GA

 "CAA software provides a ministry program that will assist the local church in following up prospects and first time guests.  Nothing is worse than having a guest visit a church service and then never hear from anyone.  Many of these people  are prospects for Salvation and the church. CAA software is a system that provides a church the resources needed to ensure follow-up takes place." , Larry

Note: Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, GA begin using CAA's "Outreach Connect" program in January of 2009 under the leadership of then Senior Pastor Dr. Larry Wynn, and they continue in using it today.   

Endorsement 7 of 9

Dr. Tim S. Smith

State Missionary

Sunday School & Open Groups Specialist

Georgia Baptist Convention

   "Most churches have a desire to make a difference.  They want to reach people and they want to do a better job taking care of those that they've reached.  If most churches have the desire but most are not growing and healthy what is the reason?  What I've discovered is that most churches don't have a plan or system in place that they are consistently working to make their desires come true.  That's why I want to encourage you to look at using  I've known Mike Turner and the staff at CAA Ministries for many years and I've seen first hand how their system can assist churches, classes and congregations in becoming what God desires."

"Their system is easy to use.  All you need is an internet connection.  Their system is very affordable.  Any church or even class can afford this tool!  Most importantly, this tool will work.  The key for you as a pastor or a lay-leader is to get a system in place and then to consistently work the system."

"Get in touch with CAA today and get ready to see your church grow!", Tim

Endorsement 8 of 9

Rev. Randy Nessly

Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills

West Hollywood, CA

   I have known Mike Turner for ten years. We were members of the same church and I taught Sunday School under his leadership. I saw his passion for outreach, assimilation and member care first hand. This product comes out of his experience and desire to see churches reach those who do not know Christ and to see discipleship and ministry grow in the church. We are using the software to facilitate our ministry and the church plants we are assisting. "Outreach Connect" is a great resource for us and our new works. We are recommending it as part of the "Prayer and Harvest Campaign"  package to all new churches in our area., Randy 

Endorsement 9 of 9

Dr. John Yarbrough

Director of Alumni Relations

Truett-McConnell College

Cleveland, GA


Former Vice President Evangelism, North American Mission Board

   The Challenge of being the church in the 21st century can often be overwhelming.  Simple processes can help us manage our ministry, care for people, equip the saints and sharing the gospel.  Effective systems don’t add more layers to our work or distract us from our purpose.  Rather, good systems help us to be organized and frees us to keep our focus on obeying our Lord’s command and fulfilling our Lord’s commission.

Mike Turner and C.A.A. Ministries has developed just such a system.  There system is simple, church driven and people focused.  It will not do the work for us, but it will free the church to be the church in a ever demanding world that drastically needs to see the love of God demonstrated and hear the word of God shared by the people of God.  These systems will assist you in keeping up with people and getting people caring for people., John

Note: Since the late 1970's Brother John has been leading conferences in church growth, planning and leadership.He has preached in 48 states, 7 countries and more than 700 churches. He has spoken and/or taught in 8 seminaries, 7 colleges, Baptist associations, and 41 Baptist state conventions. He is also a past president of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and in addition has served as a senior pastor plus the chairman of trustees at Truett McConnell College.